The best gloves for landscape photography? Vallerret Tinden review

Reliability, amazing built quality and comfort during photography. These are the main advantages of these photography gloves made by Vallerret.
Let’s take a closer look at them!

Photography gloves?

Yes, I really did use the term photography gloves. I’ll tell you why right away. The Norwegian company Vallerret stands out from all other glove manufacturers. Since 2015, they have been producing gloves designed specifically for photographers. We can find a wide range of products in their assortment. From gloves intended more for the city to gloves that will keep you warm in very inhospitable conditions.


I often move in mountainous areas and that’s why I needed gloves that I can rely on even on very cold and windy days. The choice fell quite quickly on the Tinden gloves. Tinden means peak or mountain in Norwegian. It already follows that these gloves should be intended mainly for the mountains. It will be exactly one year that I have been using these gloves and I would like to share with you my experiences from the field.


Four layers of protection and comfort are provided by Primaloft, goat leather, water-resistant polyester twill and inner 100% merino wool. The grip in the palm area with graphics of the Norwegian mountains provides a sufficiently firm grip not only for your camera. I can finally open a thermos without taking off my gloves. It should be noted that you have several different sizes to choose from. Personally, the size XL fits me the best. The processing is really precise and I have nothing to complain about here. During the last 11 months I wore „Tindens“ in temperatures between +5 °C and -15 °C. Even at -15°C it was quite comfortable to take pictures until a very strong wind started blowing.

Flip-Tech system

What makes these gloves and the Vallerret company in general truly unique is the so-called Flip-Tech system. Both gloves offer the option the uncover part of the thumb and index finger. You will mainly use this while operating your camera. Thanks to this function, you don’t actually have to take your gloves off at all during photography. Thank God. You can certainly imagine how difficult it is to warm up your fingers when you had to completely remove your gloves for one photo and wait for the right conditions. In addition, there are magnets on the gloves, so the unfolded part does not hang anywhere and does not interfere with you. It’s true that when hurry up, the magnets don’t always connect, so sometimes you have to use a little force. Even so, the uncovered part of the glove never got in the way.

Designed to the last detail

The gloves offers an even smaller storage pocket with a zipper, where you can easily hide, for example, an SD card or a cloth for wiping the lens. There is also a carabiner clip for attaching gloves for example to your jacket or a backpack.


I have to say that even after a year of use these gloves are one of my favorite winter equipment and taking pictures with them is a really great show. Every time I go to the hill, these gloves can’t be missing in my backpack. Thanks to the merino wool, they are very comfortable even when worn for a long time. During my use, I have not come across anything that should bother me. You might be surprised at first glance that these gloves are a bit robust, but these are gloves for the mountains and not for the city. Some may be surprised by the higher price, but it is redeemed by first-class workmanship, concept and extreme reliability in freezing conditions. So the question is: Will I continue to use these gloves? Definitely yes! Even after a year of intensive use, they show almost no signs of wear. This is mainly due to the fact that they didn’t skimp on quality material, and for me these are really the best gloves I’ve ever had on my hands.

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